How Effective Are Captive Services?

Captive Services have been a popular means of business process outsourcing for some companies. In this, companies wholly own their BPO units rather than using a third party outsourcing firm. Companies opt for captive services to have complete control on the operations of their business processes in other countries. Again, the main driver is cost effectiveness. Companies tend to shell out more than they would have to pay a third party vendor however a lot less than what they would have to pay in their own country.

Most financial and telecommunication companies prefer having parts of their business processes outsourced in this manner. For example 3 Global services have their captive contact centre in Mumbai, India. Lehman Brothers also had their captive unit in India. The objective of having a captive unit is just to have tighter control and better regulation and functioning of the unit. There are a lot of long drawn legalities around liaising with a third party vendor.

The quality of work can be controlled only to a certain level and the framework of vendor may not be compatible with the company. Hence, using captive services has been an option for companies wanting to outsource since the 1980’s. Some of the companies who spearheaded this movement are British Airways (Captive later known as WNS Global), General Electric (captive later known as GECIS /GENPACT) and AMEX who have their captive units in Delhi and surrounding regions in India. The service arms of Dell, HP, IBM and Accenture have also set up shop in India.

On the other hand, the employees of the captive centres stand to benefit from this sort of a setup. When an employee is working for a BPO, they are indirectly employed by companies that have outsourced their work to them. They may be doing exactly the same work, putting in the same hours and producing the same kind of end product, however they are paid a lot lesser than their counterparts in the west. In a captive service, people are directly employed by the companies and get the same kind of benefits the employees of the company may get in the west. There may be minor differences in their pay scales as compared to the employees in the west; however they pay much better than third party vendors.

The global economic meltdown has not helped these captive setups. Companies like Citibank, Merrill Lynch, BT, Lehman Brothers etc have been forced to shut shop, face bankruptcy and cut down on jobs in many of their captive units. Others have been forced to sell their captives. For example, TCS bought out Citigroup Global Services. In the recent years companies have been forced to rethink their outsourcing strategies as the rising costs have diminished their returns on investments. With most captives attaining maturity and cost effectiveness being a challenge in the face of increasing competition, the future of captive services doesn’t look promising.

Leads For Prepaid Legal

If you are looking for leads for prepaid legal I am here to tell you that there are many places you can go to buy leads to your business but they are just not quality leads. They will fill your business with just dead weight that won’t do anything but take space on your business. I suggest to many network marketers who look for easy ways to get leads that they must begin to generate their own leads.

Many people out there make it harder than what it is when it comes to generating your own leads to your website. The only way you will be able to get leads for prepaid legal will be to create a lead capture page. There is a certain sequence of steps that you must take to make a good lead capture page and if you follow them exactly you will begin to generate your own leads to your website.

The first step is to create a captivating headline that will attract the visitor on your site to want to know more information. The headline has to be relevant to your business in this case prepaid legal. The next step is a video or picture of yourself on the left side under the headline. This will let the visitor know who they will be working with and it lets them know that you are for real. The last step is a opt in box asking for their name and email on the right side under the headline. This is how you will be able to get their information and they become a lead for your business.

This is by far the easiest way to get leads for prepaid legal and any network marketing business that you decide to take online. Follow this sequence and you will begin to see results on a daily and consistent basis.

Captive Insurance Is A Smart Money Saving Business Option

Captive insurance is provided by a company that has been formed by a larger parent company specifically to care for risk management needs. This sort of insurance is not given to the public, but instead serves as an alternative risk management solution for companies who do not want to use traditional insurance. Large and small businesses alike stand to benefit financially and otherwise by using captive manager to handle their risk management in house.

A few companies have found that the costs of purchasing an insurance policy actually outweigh their potential losses. Forming captive manager companies permits a business to notably reduce its spending on insurance policies. Insurance rates are calculated using the financial risks of a company, but if one business has much less risk than another in its industry, it may wind up paying more than is necessary simply because of insurance company policies. They also have to add to premiums and rates in order to make up for overhead costs and make a profit. This pricing inefficiency does not occur with the agencies. Captive agencies are able to make operating policies that are not full of the legal red tape that make most insurance policies so hard to deal with.

Captive insurance arrangements must come under the requirements of contract, insurance, and tax laws. For example, if an established business forms a sister company for use as a captive manager company, the two must be completely separate in legal and tax terms. The captive company must be handled as an insurance company in order for the insured to claim deductibles for their payments on their taxes.

There are several different types of captive insurance agencies. When a single parent captive agency is formed, it sells its policies only to its parent company. An association captive company is created by several different companies in an industry; the insurance they provide benefits their members. Normal insurance companies can also protect themselves from the risk of many clients simultaneously demanding huge compensation payments. To care for this financial risk, they form their own agency captives. If an insurance company has enormous losses, they can share those losses with their subsidiary captive agency.

Captive insurance can allow a company to form a strong risk management plan without requiring them to pay exorbitant rates to insurance companies. These subsidiary companies make possible insurance for employee benefits, product liability, physical property damage, professional indemnity, and more.