Solicitors’ Guide – Instantly Cross Sell More of Your Legal Services to Your Clients and Prospects

Often when I attend a new solicitors practice to help them with their marketing, I am amazed at the lack of thought that has gone into promoting the services of the law firm. From the outside of the office there is often very little evidence of the services that the law firm can provide for passers by, there are no posters in the windows and the signage is old or tatty. Some simple changes can be made to the practice both internally and externally that can significantly improve the cross selling of your legal services to your clients. I will start by looking at the outside of your offices and then walking through the building and looking at your marketing communications. By the end of it, if you implement the changes I guarantee you will see results.

Your Premises

Let’s start with the first thing your clients see when they visit your offices. This is your chance to promote your services completely free of charge to the outside world. Are you making the most of it? Can you answer yes to all of the following questions?

  • Do you have brightly illuminated signage (all bulbs working)?
  • Do you list all of your core services clearly on your exterior signage?
  • Are your telephone number and website address displayed?
  • Do you have an A board outside of your offices with thought provoking and changing posters inside it?

If you cannot answer yes to all of these questions, act now to make immediate improvements and make the most of that passing trade. One final point on this section is that in this day and age you have no excuse if you still shut for lunch. In a tough economic climate you must be open at every opportunity possible, and if you take the time to make the changes above you need to be open to make the most of your passing trade.

Your Reception Area

Once a client or potential client enters your reception area, they are a captive audience. You can now sell your services to them and they expect you to do so. First things first, remove every single item of printed material that is not your own. Now is not the time to promote other local businesses or charities. By being a successful practice you will have far more opportunity to give to reception, but do not do this in your reception area.

Do you:

  • Have at least three different types of promotional materials for all of your services? Eg a brochure, direct mail postcards, and legal help sheets?
  • Have advertising posters on the walls?
  • Have testimonials and case studies praising your services?
  • Have a receptionist who is trained to cross sell your services?

Your Client Communications

Now we move onto your communications with existing clients. How can you cross sell your legal services to your existing clients in your client communications?

  • Add a PS to every client letter promoting one aspect of your service
  • Enclose a different promotional item with client letters every month (eg Wills in January, Personal Injury in February, Moving Home in March (in time for Easter)).
  • When your clients send you a thank you letter, thank them in writing and ask them to recommend their family and friends to you for the same excellent service.


When the economy tightens, you need to do all that you can to win more business as cheaply as possible. Cross selling more of your legal services to existing clients and prospects is one of the easiest ways of winning new instructions. Take the action above and you will be well on your way to winning new business for your solicitors practice.